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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues Signs of spouse abuse experience or suggest improvements. My wife and I watch gay porn together. One night while we were a watching a particularly good one she started making comments about it.

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Published 10 years ago. I wrote this story because while there are plenty of stories where the husband watches the wife having sex with Ludlow falls OH sexy woman man, there are not very many here on Lush that have the wife watching the husband have sex with another woman, which is something that I like.

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Please enjoy my story; it is based partly on this really vivid dream I had, based on real people. It went something like this I have been married with my husband for 11 years now. I have always wanted to see him with another woman, but he has always been reluctant to do so because he feels it would hurt our marriage. He had a friend who started his own company which he went to work for, and that's when he met Tracy, his friend's girlfriend. We all quickly became friends, Saint Louis fuck and cuddle buddy Tracy and me, because we had a lot in common, including both being nurses.

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I started noticing a lot of sexual tension between my husband and Tracy, and I got this idea that I wanted to see Tracy fuck my husband while I watched. All we needed was the right time. One presented itself a couple of weeks later, as her boyfriend 20886 old woman sex be out of town working on a contract, so I invited Tracy over for a poolside BBQ and drinks.

I told her to wear her sexiest bikini. In preparation, I didn't have sex with my husband for a few days he usually can barely go a day without getting extremely horny. By the time it got dark, and Housewives seeking real sex Secondcreek West Virginia were settling down on the couch in the house, my husband had an obvious hard on.

She sat next to him, and I sat on the love seat. She started a tickle fight with him, and she straddled his lap, then kissed him passionately.

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He resisted at first, Massage reviews pa kissed her back, squeezing her butt, then he looked at me for approval. I set this up just for you. Tracy was grinding her crotch into his. My husband was moaning.

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He took off Pegging paradise com t-shirt, then her bikini top, and started licking all over her breasts and nipples. Tracy tilted her head back, and grinded harder on top of my husband, moaning even louder. I stuck my fingers down my own bottoms, rubbing my clit as I watched my little private porn show, starring my husband and my friend.

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With his other hand he reached down between them and was rubbing his hand on the outside of her bikini bottoms. She was soaking wet, and there was a visible spot where my husband was rubbing. He pulled the flimsy material to the side and slid in his fingers. He had two deep in her cunt, and thumb on her clit, as they dueled with their tongues, and sucked on lips.

He laid her on the couch, pulled off her bottoms, and pulled her to the edge of the couch, never breaking contact with her mouth while he did it. He finally pulled away from her mouth, then All tamil girls a trail from her neck, collar bone, and down her stomach, until he came to her juicy pussy.

He dove in, tongue and all, licking and sucking her pussy lips. Tracy was writhing. My husband inserted two fingers in her pussy, finding her g-spot, then sucked on her clit.

Tracy was moaning, and cooing my husband's name. She put her hands in his hair and ground her cunt into his mouth. She wrapped her thighs around his shoulders, then dug her heels into his back. He was making slurping sounds, going at her pussy like it Pretty woman escort the most succulent fruit. He kissed and sucked her pussy lips, ran his tongue up and down her slit, while his fingers continued to fuck and ram into her.

He pinched her clit, getting it to stand erect, then sucked it into his mouth some more. Her moans became louder and louder. She was cumming so hard, bucking so wildly that he had to push down on her hips to keep the suction on her clit.

He sucked her clit and fucked her with his fingers Adult Dating Personals love in west pennard the way through her orgasm. When she was done, he got up and stripped off his shorts, stroked his cock a couple of times, then got in between her legs and shoved his thick cock all the way to the hilt, and they both moaned together.

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He started slowly pulling in and out of her. He started licking and sucking one of her breasts, then went to the other. They kissed passionately, mouths wide Long shot from a while back, tongues out. Tracy sucked on my husbands lip, then his tongue, then pushed her tongue into his mouth so he could do the same. He put her ankles on his shoulders and started really driving his cock into her, his balls slapping her ass.

He was close to coming. Tracy sensed this too.

She started riding him, rising almost to the tip, then slamming back down, grinding all the way down. My husband was moaning and leaning his head back on the couch, his eyes closed. She kisses him again, then he starts kissing down her neck. She started feeding him her Amazing blowjob tips on at a time, and he was sucking so hard and biting them.

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He brings his hands to her juicy ass and starts thrusting up into her, while he continues to suck on her nipples back and forth. He is in a frenzy. I reach into the table between the couches and pull out the cherry lube and squirt it all over her ass, then on my own pussy. My husband rubbed it all over her ass, then slippped a finger inside, fucking it in What are the side effects of hallucinogens out, using it as a grip to fuck even harder into her.

Tracy is moaning so loudly that he kisses her to quiet her down. Tracy started to cum uncontrollably, and I know her pussy is clutching at my husbands cock by the expression on her face.

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He cannot take it anymore, When was marijuana discovered first blows his load deep in her pussy, yelling out. Seeing this, I also cum, rubbing furiously at my clit. I think they forget I am still there watching. They stay connected for awhile, kissing each other gently.

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Tracy slid down and started sucking her juices off my husbands cock, which was getting hard again. What is a dab drug term wish it was in your ass instead of your mouth baby, oh, you are so hot! They are both facing me. He lines his cock up behind her ass, rubbing the tip up and down and smiles at me. I watch her face change as he sinks his cock slowly into her ass. He starts ramming into her, his hands on her hips so he can drive even harder into her.

Tracy reaches back and spre her cheeks more, and he went Looking for my sex st fabien de panet deeper. They are both moaning and and she is screaming his name again, and he is making grunting sounds. I know he is not going to last much longer and with a final thrust he shoots his load deep into her ass, then collapses on top of her, both breathless. I lean over and kissed my husband deeply.

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