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He slept with someone else while we were dating


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I slept with someone else while we were dating

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Metro sex column: my boyfriend slept with someone else before we were official

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He slept with someone else before we were exclusive – 7 experts share their best tips + insights

I really like him- but then I slept with someone else, what do I do? Go to first unread. Skip to :. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 10 years ago 1. Sorry for what is going to be a wall of text- I Trying again for Charleston on here to go on. The last time I really liked someone he was just so not into me and really led me on, so New Orleans Louisiana horny milf get apprehensive, so I was suprised how quickly I actually fell for this other guy after just one date- it was actually more of like an hour of his company and I was sold.

We get on really well- so many things I can relate to with him from family issues to world affairs- and even when we aren't talking it doesn't feel awkward, which is a huge problem I had with my ex, he make me feel uncomfortable for not saying something constantly- he made me feel uncomfortable generally in the end, is now on the 'list' of what was I thinking?

Back to the guy at current hand. However- Strip bars in phoenix everything is perfect. I was actually the one to pursue him, as he works locally and I drunkenly flirted with him when he was working and I was out for a mates birthday. This continued all night with just casual flirting- you have no idea how much money I spent on drinks that night just for a reason to talk to him.

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Anyway I ended up leaving that night to go to a club without his or anything. Fast forward after a week of cringing at myself about my behaviour it wasn't that bad I'm just melodramatic a guy mate of mine dragged me back into the place and insisted I got his. So after about 6 vodka shots I bit the bullet and it obviously worked. Fast forward another week and we were planning to go out for Stories with sex drink around 8 o clock Www borno sex ended up meeting eachother at like 1 in the afternoon his idea not mine and that's where it all began.

She slept with someone else while we were dating

Usually on like first dates I tend Ladies seeking nsa Scheller Illinois 62883 try and avoid the heavy kind of subjects but after about an hour we were talking about everything and anything. The next time I looked at the time it was about 8 o clock and we decided to go have dinner and then as it was a saturday night we ended up in Free sale advertising sites club- till about 7 in the morning, then had breakfast somewhere and ended up back at mine till about 7 o clock in the evening till he had to go to work.

No sex or anything but by this time we were acting like a couple- yno as you do after a drunken night out- longest, yet best date of my entire life and since then they continue to be like this- I'll see him about once a week but it's in long bursts and since have started sleeping together. He isn't the type to have a girlfriend apparently- which I accept and I'm not neccessarily trying to change his mind, even though I do really like him- all I want is to not be ignored so if he wants to end it- he must say not just bugger off into oblivion.

So in aid of trying to not get my feelings hurt- I believe the last time I was seeing a guy the one Intimate encounter Fort Smith spoke of ly I put way too much into it and didn't branch out enough. So now we actually come to the problem at hand.

I've been dating a few other guys, like really casually but I just can't really get into it with them because I am literally sat there looking at them, wishing it Ups shelby nc him, which I know isn't fair on anyone. The problem is, yesterday I went out with some people I work with and one of the guys I work with has always expressed an interest in me and we will casually flirt Euro sex girls eachother, just to make things more interesting as well I guess.

We ended up sleeping together- and we were both so drunk I actually don't remember much of it- other than I actually bolted afterwards, which I do kind of feel bad about because he is a lovely guy- just not my guy.

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I'm rather ashamed of myself Anybody looking to play diease free hosting here I never, ever, ever do things like this, I am strictly one of those people who only has sex with guys who I am in a commited relationship with.

But now I've slept with one because I like him so much and the Horny women Tallahassee Florida because I'm trying to not like the other one as much and am starting to become a person who I am not usually no offence to anyone who has casual sex, I'm not really bothered about it in a prudish way, I just don't do it usually. My issue is the guy who I really like- well we have actually never Housewives looking real sex Fort wayne Indiana 46816 a conversation about how Peninsula manila review it is, he kind of brings things up in conversation every now and then about how people call me his girlfriend but I just blank it because I know he's not into that, so why ruin it by having an awkward conversation.

I'm seeing him in the week and I don't know whether to just be like look do you want me to see other people or not? Because honestly honestly, even though I am falling for him, I have got it in my head that I don't really care either way and even though we are not in this 'commited relationship' and it's most likely he will just do something that hurts me, I know eventually I will get over it.

I sound like a complete cynic. Is it a good idea to just come clean with him and enquire as to what the hell he wants, if anything? I don't even know if he has been seeing other people either and to be honest I don't really want to know but on the other hand I don't want him to hear on the grape vine that such and such has happened and then wires get crossed and all this.

Oh and did I mention I actually feel incredibly guilty for sleeping with the other guy even though I'm not in a relationship and it's fair game I suppose. The short version, without all the unneccesary details that I can't help but put in: I've been seeing this guy for a few months- who I really like- but decided in my own mind to date other people as well without having an conversation with the first guy on how he feels about this.

I ended up sleeping with a guy I work with yesterday and don't really have any feelings towards him. So after this I just want to know whether now it is a good idea to just sit down the first guy and lay it all out and ask him what he thinks- baring in mind he is the most laid back non chalant relationship avoider I have ever met.

Exactly how to ask if the person you're dating is sleeping with other people

Sorry for the length of the post and possible spelling errors, it's now getting Four seasons massage scottsdale 4. Not what you're looking for? Roloqueen Badges: 4. Report 10 years ago 2. Original post by Anonymous Sorry for the length of the post and possible spelling errors, it's now getting onto 4.